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About UPC-SUPPORT.COM PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 00:00

Years and years ago, I was in search of help to buy my first computer. I was born outside of Canada and the need for a computer, was not there. For the records, our schools did not have computers back then either. I guess, they did not realize the need for one. or simply they were overpriced.

When I came to Canada, I needed a computer for school. I went to the store; all they wanted to do is sell me the most expensive items. I doubt I really needed the high end stuff back then. Like many out there, I had to work to pay for everything. I worked at a Bistro on Crescent Street. I had a great boss who one day suggested to help me buying a computer. So we talked it over and he came up with a list of items I needed. We ended up buying the latest CPU on the market P1 233 MMX with all the other components. This was the hottest item on the market years and years ago.

As I moved from one job to another, I met a old man who offered to teach me more about computers and all the tricks I can do. My story is like that of Karate Kid except it is computers not martial art. Yes the man in my story is Asian. I have learned a lot form this man. He is a genius and a good cook. He taught me everything from dissecting the computer and putting back together to troubleshooting and fixing problems with Windows 98. If he is reading this, thank you for all that you did.

Nowadays, if you walk into a store and look at a computer, of course, the sales rep will start by saying How can I help or Are you looking to buy a computer? and then start to up sell you one. Sure, they will ask a question or two like What are you looking for or What will you do with it?

Although those questions are essential, they are not a clear indication to what one will end up requiring. That is why you will end up seeing those who are looking to upgrade, trade, or even sell out their computers because it just not working for them. There are many computers new and used are being sold out there for more than what they are actually worth. If you are buying a PC, you could get a good deal. If you are buying a MAC, then forget it. You are over paying and there is nothing you can do about it because there are no third party sellers like there is for PC. I am not saying you shouldn't go and buy a MAC or that I am anti Apple/MAC.

From there, I realized there is a need for people to help out others without the commission or benefits of selling a brand or an item over another. People need help with their computers to work smarter and more efficiently without the need to take on a second job to pay for that help or go without dinner at the end of the day. Did you ever go to a mechanic and came out with a bill less than $60? Did you ever have anyone install a home theater for you and paid less than $100? I doubt it and if you did, you are lucky. That is why this company was founded; To help those of need without the high price tag that comes with it.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 January 2010 11:09
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